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The cats we rescue are the lucky ones. Many of their siblings don't make it to adulthood and instead are killed or horribly injured by cars, dogs and snakes. Kittens are often crushed to death in dumpsters and garbage compactors. All of our cats deserve good homes after what they've been through, so if you are a cat lover, please consider adopting one (or two). They are all completely tame, good natured, house trained, desexed and vaccinated, are healthy and have received regular worm and flea treatments. Many are real "smoochers" and get on well with other cats and our German Shepherd dog. They are all house-trained and can also use a cat door. If you would like to adopt a cat or kitten, please contact Barb on 07 5578 1990 or 0414 314 443 during business hours (9am to 5pm Mon to Fri) or 10am to 4pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

PLEASE NOTE: We leave Registration (if applicable) up to the person adopting.

Call us for an appointment to see a kitty you want to adopt on 07 5578 1990
or 0414 314 443 or email us at

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OSCAR... ADOPTED! NIPPER ... is a 6 mth old male tabby kitten who was dumped in a box on the side of a main road. He's very playful and loving but a little skittsh around new people. .... $150. PRETZEL ... ADOPTED!
BINDI ... ADOPTED! LILY.... ADOPTED! ROBBIE ... is a 5 mth old sleek black male kitten recscued from a xarpark behind a factory where he lived under an old container. He's the biggest smooch, ultra cuddly & playful ... $150.
VERITY ... is a 8 mth old Calico Tabby who was abandoned when her family moved house. She has a lovely nature but is quite shy around new people. Gets on well with other cats. $130 TIPPY ... is a 16 week old tabby girl who was dumped in a park with her siblings. Despite having to survive on bugs and small lizards until she was rescued, she's in great health but is somewhat timid.. $150 GYPSY ... is a 2 yr old Calico tabby who recently had kittens after beng dumped in a carpark ... $120.
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MEGGS ... is a friendly, affectionate and gorgeous 1 yr old ginger female who was dumped when pregnant. She had 2 kittens (Nutmeg & Mango) & is now looking for her furrever home... $120. CLEO ... ADOPTED! FERGIE ...ADOPTED!
ELLA ... is a 1 year old tabby girl who was abandoned when her owners moved house. She's friendly, loves a pat and gets on well with other cats and dogs. ... $120. SPINNER ... is a lovely natured 10 mth old male ginger who is a little shy but loves to play and gets on well with with other cats - looking for a loving furrever home. $120. POSSUM is a lovely 2 year old Torti Manx female who was rescued from an industrial estate. She's a little shy but just needs some TLC. $120.
BUNNY ... is a 2 year old Calico female cat who was abandoned on the street. She has a lovely nature but is a little timid around strangers due to her experience of being left to fend for herself by her heartless humans. $120. CHILLI is a 7 year old ginger male who was rescued from an industrial estate after his brother Simba had been rescued with a badly mangled tail. They're joined at the hip so we want to see them adopted together .. $200 for both. SIMBA is a lovely 7 year old ginger male who was rescued from a steelyard with his brother Chilli - they're very close and we want them to be adopted together. Real smoochy boys. ... $200 for both.