About Us

Our Vision ...

Our goal is to help solve the problem of lost, abandoned and wild cats in our environment in a humane way as an alternative to trapping and killing. We've found that once tamed and brought into a domestic environment, these cats quickly adjust and make wonderful pets. We envisage changing the way animal welfare is conducted in relation to these cats by one day keeping them in a purpose built semi-domestic shelter environment where they are not in cages or pens but rather "suites" and have access to fully contained landscaped gardens with trees for them to climb, shrubs, grass, rocks and logs where they can enjoy the sun and interact with people in a pleasant way. Such an environment will be far less stressful than a typical shelter situation where cats are kept in a completely unnatural and mostly indoor, concrete, caged and stressful environment which renders them vulnerable to illness, behavioural problems and personality changes.

We hope to develop a better model for managing cats which will become standard animal welfare procedure in due course. Included in our vision is being able to give every cat a chance at life, not just the perfect ones. We currently treat and rehome special needs cats including cats with FIV, Spina Bifida and crippling injuries. These are the cats that most need our help but who are routinely euthanased by most other organisations. We feel they deserve a chance and we're prepared to go the extra mile to help them.


Sandy, a beautiful Ragamuffin male rescued from a junkyard in an industrial estate - Sandy has been adopted.


Our Mission ...

We are dedicated to transforming these cats from abandoned and wild roamers to family pets in a humane way. Getting them off the streets prevents them from becoming feral and also saves local wildlife from being eaten as food. Our rescued cats have the benefit of plentiful food and veterinary care, which is otherwise unavailable to them. These unfortunate cats which have been disadvantaged by humans, live in very harsh and often dangerous environments and the mortality rate is high. Many suffer painful, short lives through injury and illness which is untreated. Humans created the wild cat problem in the first place and humans should fix it, but not by making the animals the bad guys to justify killing them. (The only real bad guys on this planet are humans). We feel there is already too much cruelty done to and/or stress inflicted on animals for the sake of human convenience and/or entertainment and we seek to address this issue by introducing a humane way of serving the cats, local wildlife and the community.


Freckle, a Burmese X rescued from a junkyard in an industrial estate where her mother had been dumped with newborn kittens. Freckle has been adopted.

Our Principles ...

We give EVERY cat a chance at life! Many animal welfare organisations routinely euthanase animals who have a minor injury or illness (ringworm for instance) or aren't perfectly behaved or friendly. Many abandoned domestic cats brought into shelters are understandably terrified, defensive and/or skittish but are often euthanased for these reasons. They are simply not given a chance at life. We, however, are prepared to give them that chance, even though it's expensive and time consuming for us. We have a no kill policy, but do put animals to sleep in extreme cases where they have life threatening injuries or terminal illness.

We prefer NOT to trap. Often animals who are caught in traps are traumatised or injured from trying to escape. (If they're totally wild, there's not much you can do with them anyway). We prefer the more humane method of taming them first, which enables us to simply pick them up, put them in a cat carrier and take them away, no fuss. However, we will trap where wild or semi-tame cats and kittens are at risk.

We DO NOT keep animals in cages or pens. Our animals are typically kept in "suites" (rather than pens) surrounded by gardens, which they also have access to via a large netted enclosure. We believe animals should be able to lie in the grass, sit in the sun and enjoy the great outdoors. This ensures they are happy and healthy prior to being adopted and are able to simply be themselves! We do NOT agree with the concept that cats should be kept indoors only or that they are "happy" being kept wholly indoors. They are animals - they don't have teeth, claws and fur so they can live indoors!

We DISCOURAGE all forms of animal exploitation. This includes horse and greyhound racing, factory farming, live export, dog and cock fighting, vivisection, animal testing, bear baiting, hunting, circuses and zoos.


Millie, a gorgeous Chinchilla X who was rescued from bushland at a Gold Coast beach. Millie has been adopted.